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Packaging Machinery convinced faster optimize machine automation with 25% more productivity at 25% less programming

Kollmorgen Automation Suite laptop
(Business Wire) Dusseldorf, 12.15.2010, with the Kollmorgen Kollmorgen Automation Suite, companies can develop simpler and faster than other popular systems on the market superior packaging machinery. This is made possible by specializing in high-performance, multi-axis applications, which makes the automation solution is less complex. In connection with the intuitive, time-saving graphical operating concept Pipe Network, machine builders and users thus achieve competitive advantage: the machines can be developed much faster and in a few seconds later adapted to new products and formats. They also score points with significantly higher throughput and – due to greater precision – with much less waste.

Practical examples demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved with Kollmorgen: packaging machinery for medical products, in which a rotating blade is the key performance indicator, has the throughput thanks Kollmorgen Automation Suite by 20% to 2,200 units to be more per minute. The times for development and market introduction have been reduced by a fifth. Due to higher performance and precise drive system also decreased the Committee, which reduced the material costs by 20%. The higher throughput and reduced the committee led to an overall significant increase in productivity, it is expected that within five years, a profit increase of up to 50%.

Even better results were obtained in another machine – made – with a rotating blade.

This allowed the Kollmorgen Automation Suite to increase the throughput by 25% at 25% less programming effort, the Committee was reduced by an impressive 20%. During operation, the further flexibility of the Kollmorgen Automation Suite out as a crucial advantage: It is used to “on the fly reacts to product and format changes. Particularly important for the customer and the shortened time to market was the engine.

The development platform Kollmorgen Automation Suite is specially designed for high performance applications in packaging, printing and converting machines where multiple axes must be perfectly synchronized with each other. With the system solution can be highly complex operations with over 128 axes develop and simulate complete. The integrated, unified development environment includes the main functions of a control system – Motion Control, PLC and HMI – and the software and identify which hardware component. To program the drive controller are the industry standard PLCopen and a Kollmorgen’s own graphical programming environment, the PipeNetwork.

In addition to advanced control systems and control circuits that allow operation at higher bandwidth, more throughput, with the pipe network in the Kollmorgen Automation Suite to the extraordinary performance of the machines. The otherwise very complex coding is replaced by a graphic description with drag and drop function. Starting from a virtual master allows all functions and relations between components as well as movements and attitudes define graphic description blocks.

Architecture and relationships between the axes of a system can be mapped in a very short time clearly and accurately.

If the system is ready, the Kollmorgen Automation Suite offers the possibility of virtual simulation. Connecting Without a single device to have to get moving profiles to optimize axis conditions, synchronization, etc. in real time. This may account for many complex test runs with the machine, the start-up time is shortened considerably, potential risks are identified and elminiert.

About Kollmorgen
Kollmorgen is a leading provider of integrated automation and drive systems and components for the machine builders around the world. With over 60 years of motion control design and application experience and sound knowledge in the development of standard and special solutions provides Kollmorgen always solutions that are characterized in terms of performance, quality, reliability and ease of use. Allow customers to realize a market advantage irrefutable.


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The Krones AG hopes next year to an operating margin of 5% and 15% return on investment, after perhaps 10% in fiscal 2010. A corresponding forecast called financial officer, Hans-J├╝rgen Thaus, in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ – Thursday edition). Krones this benefit with a foreign share of 90%, particularly from the boom in emerging markets.

The manufacturer of beverage packaging machinery from the Upper Palatinate also repeated its forecast Neutraubling place, earlier than planned to return to their pre-crisis formulated goals. No later than 2012 the old targets of 7% return on sales and 20% return on investment ereicht said lodge. Accordingly, the manager had already expressed in early December in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires. Previously, Krones kept returning to the pre-crisis levels until 2013 or 2014 again for possible

“Right now, business is better than expected,” said the manager of the FAZ. He spoke of a year-end rally want, but stay for the years 2011 planning unabated conservative. “We will certainly have a 2011 revenue growth,” he announces. “Whether it will be double digits, is still too early to say;. In each case there will be a high single digit growth rate”
In coming to an end of the year, the forecasts would be met. Sales should increase by about 15% to some 2.15 billion EUR, reaching the rate of return before tax 3%, Thaus repeated its forecast. This corresponds to earnings before tax of approximately EUR 65 million, compared with a loss of EUR 39 million last year.

Packaging Machinery: OYSTAR Benhil Ecopack FD165

12/22/2010 16:43:18 – The packaging machinery manufacturers in India celebrates OYSTAR Benhil decades business success with wrapping machines for butter packets. Only in November 2010 again a “Ecopack FD 120” was commissioned.

Neuss, 15 December 2010. In the last five years OYSTAR Benhil has 20 strike aircraft of the type “Ecopack” sold for packaging of butter and margarine to India. It was for some customers of the associated Cartoner for single packing of butter, if using in order. Customers of OYSTAR Benhil including the largest Indian cooperative dairy suppliers, “Kaira District Milk Producer’s Union Cooperation”, is one manufacturer of India’s best-selling butter brand “Amul”. Other Indian customers, other cooperatives, semi-public companies and private companies.

The food industry is the strongest sector in India. Final consumption expenditure is here at present is about 40 percent – in comparison, for clothing and footwear are issued on average only 4 percent of income. “In particular, the booming dairy market, so that the unabated demand for our dairy packaging machinery for years is increasing,” said Bernd Grosse-Venhaus, vice president of sales at OYSTAR Benhil. The company sold 30 years ago, the first aircraft to India. “The entry into the Indian market is not easy, as it has relied on references,” says Grosse-Venhaus. “We demonstrated the high quality and reliability of our machines to prove umpteen times, so we trust the Indian customers.”

Only in June this year, the group OYSTAR capacity in India has expanded and started building a new plant in Pune. Hassia Packaging Pvt. Ltd., A wholly owned subsidiary of OYSTAR Group, will move in 2011 into the new production and administration building. “With this expansion, we are strengthening our manufacturing capabilities in India,” said Christian Korte, President Business Unit Dairy OYSTAR. “We also ensure that the continued successful growth in the Asian markets.”

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